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Selecting a Counsellor - a few questions to consider....

  • What is their training and where did they receive it?
    The counsellor you select should be certified or registered with a professional association. Certified/registered counsellors  have a minimum of 6 years university education including a Bachelor and Master degree.  Some have even more.   Certified counsellors are also required to pursue ongoing training and education in order to maintain their certification. Don't hesitate to ask the counsellor what their training is, where they received it and what their certification is. In British Columbia, counsellors may be certified with the
    Canadian Counselling Association or registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  Psychologists will be registered with the College of Psychologist of BC. 

  • What is their approach?
    Not all counsellors use the same approach or have received the same training.  Don't hesitate to ask your prospective counsellor what their approach is and how they plan to help you.  If you don't feel comfortable with their answer, or t
    hey are unable to tell you what their approach is, you might want to look for someone different. 

  • Do I feel comfortable enough with this person that I'll be able to confide in them? 
    Despite a counsellors' training and experience, if you don't feel comfortable confiding your honest thoughts and feelings with them, counselling is unlikely to be effective for you.   Look for a person who you feel is easy to talk with and tries to understand your point of view.   Many counsellors will offer an initial free consultation to help you determine if will feel comfortable working with them.



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